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Call 4 Playwrights!

Brainstorm calls for submissions from emerging playwrights of any age to create a new work broadly focussed on mental health. Submissions are reviewed by our Panel of industry professionals who shortlist the top five scripts, with selected Playwrights then commissioned to write a 55-minute first draft script. The Panel then selects three plays commissioned & developed for production at theaters the following year.
Throughout this process Playwrights receive one-on-one mentoring from an established Playwright/ Theatre Director (‘Mentor’). Skills training, play readings & workshops are used to assist the Playwrights’ development and ensure the script reaches its full potential in time for production.
After the second draft is completed, Brainstorm will facilitate a one-day play reading. This is a crucial opportunity for Playwright & Mentor to focus on the story arc and the overall pacing of the play.
After completion of the third draft, Brainstorm will facilitate a two-day workshop, which will be run by an established Theatre Director. This is a critical step in the Commissioning Phase, as it is an opportunity for Playwright and Mentor to see how the script will translate to the stage.
The Playwright is then asked to complete a fourth draft, which will be submitted for a final review by the Panel.
Following the fourth scripts that are deemed ready for the stage will be premiered in a two-week season at theaters in Hong Kong and/ or London!
If it is felt that the script is not yet ready for the stage, Brainstorm will assist the Playwright with further development and defer production consideration for a future season.

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