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Fitness & Wellbeing

Brainstorm arranges fitness challenges and sports activities. We also offer webinars with leading nutritionists and fitness coaches, free yoga and meditation trial offers, and discounted spa and wellness offers from time to time. Join our mailing list to ensure you don’t miss out!


Place: Anywhere
Date: You choose!
With the increasing trend for participating in destination marathons and other skilled fitness events in faraway places, we encourage our artists to Get Fit 4 Brainstorm, involving participating in the fitness challenge of your choice!
Whether your fitness challenge involves mastering an extreme sport, participating in an ultra marathon, swimming around the Galapagos islands, or taking the stairs to the roof of the IFC (!), we’d love to have your support!
Simply secure your place directly via the organizer’s website. Once your place is confirmed, register your details with us and we’ll send you our Get Fit 4 Brainstorm Welcome Pack!
If you haven’t yet decided your event, here are a few ideas:
Hong Kong Marathon
King of the Hills
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Sail Around the Island Race


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